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We believe a better world is possible, and we are hopeful about the future generation.

Hope Academy is an independent Christian International school located at Ayensudo, near Elmina Brenu Beach in the Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem Municipal (KEEA) District of the Central Region of Ghana. The School is on the same premises as Hope Centre (The Home), an orphanage set up by Trinity Baptist Church, London. Trinity Baptist Foundation is a UK-based charity (Non-Governmental Organisation) born out of the passion of its senior pastor, Kingsley Appiagyei, and his wife, Mrs. Cynthia Appiagyei, to reach out globally and restore hope to the marginalized and less privileged in society. 


The student population of Hope Academy consists of children from both the Hope Centre Orphanage as well as children from the surrounding areas. The School began its first classes on 16th September 2014. Hope Academy is a non-residential day school.


Our Core Values


Honesty is one important character trait that our students possess. It is what allows them to maintain their integrity and be responsible for their actions. As educators, it is our responsibility to help instill this trait in our students and guide them on how, to be honest people.


 We instill the “Can do” and the “will do” spirit in our students. Everything is possible if you put your heart into it. And we believe in the Words of Philippians 4:13; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. We also believe in Matthew 19:26 “…but with God all things are possible.


 If you don’t know where you are going, any road takes you there. In Hope Academy, our students are thought to be purposeful to know the reason why they do what they do, stay focused, and be on track until the mission they set out to do is accomplished. 


 We strive to excel at all that we do. Our students aim at excelling, and even if they fall along the way, the vision of excellence in their minds pushes them up and causes them to excel. At Hope Academy, we do everything to the excellence level. 

Hope Academy’s curriculum incorporates teaching strategies and combines various approaches to instruction but teachers primarily utilize an engaged pedagogy.  

Engaged pedagogy refers to teaching approaches that encourage collaboration and cooperation among students. Often, the instructor takes on the role of facilitator as opposed to lecturer in these approaches. Research suggests that student learning is higher using these methods and students use more high-order thinking skills while learning material in depth. 

While most of the knowledge acquisition is delivered cooperatively, the demonstration of learning is assessed primarily through projects, which can be completed individually or as a group. Project-Based Assessments require students to synthesize their learning by applying the skills taught to new situations. Usually, these projects require students to investigate and respond to engaging and complex questions, problems, or challenges resulting in innovative solutions. Often, projects serve as a culminating activity at the end of units of study.

To ensure the effective planning and delivery of the curriculum teachers are required to participate in 200 hours of professional development a year. We accomplished this through weekly collaborative planning sessions, weekly faculty professional development offerings, and monthly teacher reflections about current teaching practices and the learning achievement of their students.

Hope Academy Students

Hope Academy students are inquirers who can effectively communicate and collaborate with their peers to create innovative solutions to real-world problems while demonstrating diligence, compassion, and integrity. We promote this through our student-centered approach to instruction, where students are encouraged to work together to discuss and formulate strategies to address authentic problems. In addition, students are rewarded for presenting innovative ideas and demonstrating exceptional character through our “Bright Ideas” and “Character Champ” initiatives.

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Mission Statement

The mission is to produce children who exhibit H.O.P.E – H – Honesty / O – Optimism / P – Purpose / E – Excellence. 

To develop a Christ-centred quality education that meets international standards and empowers each child within a nurturing and stimulating environment to reach their highest potential through a fully integrated and holistic education. We aim to provide outstanding quality education to children in Ayensudo, Central Region. We put the children first and strive to instill Christian values and the pursuit of excellence in our students. 


To become the preeminent Centre for educational excellence in Ghana. 

Defined by our internationally acclaimed 21st-century student-centered learning environment, we inspire our students to become creative, compassionate leaders of integrity. Our vision is that every student educated at Hope Academy will graduate and be known for their exceptional character. 

Our Philosophy

We utilize a world-class, tried, and tested  enhanced GES curriculum to put every child at the heart of the school. As opposed to the traditional “one size fits all model” of education, Hope Academy applies a Differentiated Instruction to value the uniqueness every child brings; this informs how we educate and how we assess students. We believe that social and emotional intelligence and character education must be emphasized in addition to academic excellence; we focus on building a holistic child and are particularly concerned about the character and well-being of every child.
Philosophically, Christ is the foundation of all we do, and He is our Hope of glory. With our dual emphasis on academic excellence and Christianity, we provide scholarships and financial aid to enable underprivileged children to get access to our high-quality, Montessori education.

Our Instructors

We are proud of our hard work, and we believe that it makes a difference for our students and the community as a whole.

Hope Academy Founder

Rev. Kingsley Appiegye


Mr Amos Hanson Prah


Mr Samuel Mensah


Oliver Tekyi-Arhin

Assistant headMaster